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Hi-techtennis has the most detailed video collection of professional tennis players on the internet. All my 1000+ video clips are shot at an AMAZING 60 FRAMES/SECOND, in vibrant crystal clear detail, so that you can see the fine details of every stroke hit by the pros. At 60 frames per second, the Hi-tech video library offers TWICE the detail of any stroke library on the internet.

Using your keyboard arrow keys you can step through each video frame by frame to see exactly what the pros are doing when they hit the ball. You can also flip any video to make a right handed player a lefty, and vice versa - a feature not found on any other video player! Hit the 'flip' button on the Federer video to see what Roger looks like as a lefty.

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    For the past five years I have used my 60 fps video to compare one top player to another to see what they have in common when they hit the ball. What I discovered was a remarkably shared template that all top hitters tap into when they hit the ball. Quite simply, they have discovered key movements and body/racket positions and a very unique timing pattern that gets the ball to SPRING off their rackets.

    These key movements and body/racket positions are usually either discovered by chance among some players, or taught at elite academies that most could never afford. Hi-techtennis uses the power of video and the internet to bring these secrets right to your living room. Members tell me all the time that they have learned more from a month of Hi-techtennis than years of private lessons. The windshield wiper forehand. Pronaton on the serve. Shoulder extension on the backhand. These are just a few of the secrets, the "magical moves", that will get the ball to spring off your racket. And I show you how to get them using video clips, images, graphics, and side by side comparisons of the best hitters in the world.

    Quite simply, Hi-techtennis takes the most brilliant tennis insights that I have gleaned from top players, from other great tennis minds, and from my own observations with my 60fps video and packages it all into a simple, visual, teachable format that you can use to play tennis at levels you never thought possible, more quickly than you ever thought possible. The power of visual learning, combined with accurate information, makes things possible today that just weren't possible before.  Read More...


    Hi-techtennis' stunning video collection and stroke breakdown will teach you the modern game like never before.
    — Clint Stephenson
       Tennis Guru

    Jeff has done a phenominal job in presenting and packaging the information. He has always been open to new or additional thoughts which make him rare in the teaching world!
    — Dave Smith

    With the full-screen, flip, slow, and frame by frame features, visual observation of pros' strokes can't get any better than this.
    — Andrew B
       Bethesda, MD

    I have subscribed to just about all the tennis instructional sites and as far as real-world usable info and clear instruction, yours is hands-down the best. I have dramatically improved my forehand and serve thanks to your articles at Hi-TechTennis and your lessons got me to the quarterfinals (for the first time) in our cities major amateur tennis tournament.
    — Ben Cummings
    Rochester, NY

    It's worth every penny ~ May be the best money can buy for tennis instruction...
    — Ryoma

    I highly recommend hi-techtennis, which I just signed up for last week. I don't think there's a better instructional deal in tennis.

    While I was considering more lessons, I decided to give hi-techtennis a try and I'm very thankful I did. I spent about an hour going thru the backhand instruction and videos. While viewing them, I got out my racket and practiced the form. Later in the day, I went out with my hitting partner and wah-lah, my backhand was back. I really like how the backhand is broken down into steps that are easy to remember while on the court. I also like the fact that you can see the pros hitting the backhand as described. I'm a monkey-see, monkey-do learner and this really helps.

    — Barney

    AWESOME website! I've learned more in a month than I've learned in 4 years of tennis!
    — Kate

    I would HIGHLY recommend that you join It has amazing videos and the instruction is unreal. If you want to learn to hit like the pros, SUBSCRIBE! It is definitely a bargain, for the quality of instruction. I am SO glad I subscribed. ...My favorite [site] is though. Jeff breaks down the strokes step by step and the videos are very high quality.
    — KTE89

    I have to tell you that your articles on supination have improved my serve more than anything in the past 4-5 years. I had never seen that advice anywhere else, but your explanation and the clips about how most servers, me included, just let their arms drop straight down their back was a eureka moment for me.

    Hi, I love your site, and the new perspective it gives me on tennis strokes.

    I've known for years the value in video feedback - but let me give you a little tidbit about myself so that you understand just how good your site is! This should help to motivate you some more! I am an open-level circuit player having played the game for 8 years...and I have learned things from your site that I would NEVER have gotten watching my own videos - that is for sure. People should just take the dive and give you the money - your website is like going to a world-level tennis match, and getting a court-level seat in slow motion - something you can't get even with the hefty price of a ticket at the finals.

    Hope to see more quality materials from your website soon! By the way, I will be the head tennis coach at a high school very soon, and we will definitely be using your site as part of the instruction.
    — Tommy

    What a truly fantastic site this is, I have learnt more here than 50 lessons, just great. Please keep your videos up to date, and your written instructions coming and I will be with you for a long time.
    — Mike Cannon

    Jeff, my friend keeps asking: how can you make such an improvement in 3 months? I told them that Hi-techtennis can teach ordinary people to hit tennis like a pro in 3 months. Of course, I need to improve the consistency, to make every hit like a pro hit in a real match, it is coming...
    — Jian

    Jeff: Thanks for the best technique website online. Your instruction has had a hugh positive impact on my game.
    — Rick

    Excellent instruction on the forehand and serve, alot of good advice and insight on strokes. Very simple to understand too, I was able to drastically improve my serve with some of the things in this site.
    — NamRanger


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