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Hi-techtennis' stunning video collection and stroke breakdown will teach you the modern game like never before.
— Clint Stephenson
   Tennis Guru

Jeff has done a phenominal job in presenting and packaging the information. He has always been open to new or additional thoughts which make him rare in the teaching world!
— Dave Smith

With the full-screen, flip, slow, and frame by frame features, visual observation of pros' strokes can't get any better than this.
— Andrew B
   Bethesda, MD

I have subscribed to just about all the tennis instructional sites and as far as real-world usable info and clear instruction, yours is hands-down the best. I have dramatically improved my forehand and serve thanks to your articles at Hi-TechTennis and your lessons got me to the quarterfinals (for the first time) in our cities major amateur tennis tournament.
— Ben Cummings
Rochester, NY

It's worth every penny ~ May be the best money can buy for tennis instruction...
— Ryoma

I highly recommend hi-techtennis, which I just signed up for last week. I don't think there's a better instructional deal in tennis.

While I was considering more lessons, I decided to give hi-techtennis a try and I'm very thankful I did. I spent about an hour going thru the backhand instruction and videos. While viewing them, I got out my racket and practiced the form. Later in the day, I went out with my hitting partner and wah-lah, my backhand was back. I really like how the backhand is broken down into steps that are easy to remember while on the court. I also like the fact that you can see the pros hitting the backhand as described. I'm a monkey-see, monkey-do learner and this really helps.

— Barney

AWESOME website! I've learned more in a month than I've learned in 4 years of tennis!
— Kate

I would HIGHLY recommend that you join It has amazing videos and the instruction is unreal. If you want to learn to hit like the pros, SUBSCRIBE! It is definitely a bargain, for the quality of instruction. I am SO glad I subscribed. ...My favorite [site] is though. Jeff breaks down the strokes step by step and the videos are very high quality.
— KTE89

I have to tell you that your articles on supination have improved my serve more than anything in the past 4-5 years. I had never seen that advice anywhere else, but your explanation and the clips about how most servers, me included, just let their arms drop straight down their back was a eureka moment for me.

Hi, I love your site, and the new perspective it gives me on tennis strokes.

I've known for years the value in video feedback - but let me give you a little tidbit about myself so that you understand just how good your site is! This should help to motivate you some more! I am an open-level circuit player having played the game for 8 years...and I have learned things from your site that I would NEVER have gotten watching my own videos - that is for sure. People should just take the dive and give you the money - your website is like going to a world-level tennis match, and getting a court-level seat in slow motion - something you can't get even with the hefty price of a ticket at the finals.

Hope to see more quality materials from your website soon! By the way, I will be the head tennis coach at a high school very soon, and we will definitely be using your site as part of the instruction.
— Tommy

What a truly fantastic site this is, I have learnt more here than 50 lessons, just great. Please keep your videos up to date, and your written instructions coming and I will be with you for a long time.
— Mike Cannon

Jeff, my friend keeps asking: how can you make such an improvement in 3 months? I told them that Hi-techtennis can teach ordinary people to hit tennis like a pro in 3 months. Of course, I need to improve the consistency, to make every hit like a pro hit in a real match, it is coming...
— Jian

Jeff: Thanks for the best technique website online. Your instruction has had a hugh positive impact on my game.
— Rick

Excellent instruction on the forehand and serve, alot of good advice and insight on strokes. Very simple to understand too, I was able to drastically improve my serve with some of the things in this site.
— NamRanger
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